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Psalmist Vol. 2 > Tehillah

"Tehillah" is a Hebrew word found in the Bible that is sometimes translated into English as "high praise" or "new song". It is the praise that God inhabits (Psalm 22:3) and it is the praise most often linked in scripture to God's warring on behalf of His people. In 2 Chronicles 20, we are told that when Jehoshaphat and the Children of Israel began to "tehillah" the Lord, He set an ambush and annihilated their enemy.

Tehillah is a praise that must come from deep within the heart of a child of God. Sometimes it is sung as a spontaneous song, sometimes in a song already written, but it always begins with our disregard of what is going on around us or what lies before us. With our eyes focused completely on the Lord and trusting in His faithfulness to accomplish all that we need, we are lifted up into a higher realm in Him….the "high praise".

This CD is the first part of a worship service recorded live and has on it musicians and singers from several nations. We gathered together to give tehillah to Almighty God and record what would happen as we did. "Tehillah" is the first of two recordings arising out of that worship time. May you be blessed as you listen and may God be glorified as high praise is lifted up to Him!