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The foundation of the psalmist ministry is intimacy with God. Just God and you, together in solitude and communion; you worshipping and loving Him with the help of the instrument He’s gifted you to play, Him returning your love and filling the room where you are with His presence.

An important facet of the psalmist gifting is the ability to sing one’s heart-cry to God. When we look at the songs King David penned, we see songs of jubilation and victory, but just as many of brokenness and sorrow. David wrote and sang these songs because that was the life he lived. He had no fear of being honest and transparent before His God. When he rejoiced, he wrote songs about it. When he was in pain, he did the same, always concluding that God is good, that He is faithful, and that His mercy endures forever.

This recording is intended to be a musical record of my journey with God. I was desperately in need of a Savior Who could heal and deliver. I found that He was more than able and more than willing to save, and that His mercy, love and faithfulness to me couldn’t be explained. The songs on this recording are sung from a heart that still marvels that the King of Glory would love me. It is my prayer that they will encourage you and help you realize that in every situation He is good, He is faithful, and His mercy endures forever.